Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Place Vendome: A Must See Tourist Attraction In Paris

After many days of tedious and continuous work, it is always good to take a break to give your body and mind some time to relax and rejuvenate. There is no better way of doing this than just parking your bags and getting away from all the daily routines and familiar environments. Having said that, Paris is one of the best places where you can visit for your long vacation. Taking your loved ones along can add to the thrill and excitement that you have always been looking for. With the numerous Paris attractions, you will definitely have your things-to-do list full of fun filled activities touristtube.com.

While in Paris, there is one attraction that you cannot afford to miss perhaps due to its position as the most beautiful palace of all palaces in Paris. This palace is popularly known as Place Vendome or the Vendome Square. This gorgeous and unique palace was laid out in the early 18th century by Jules Hardouin-Mansart, who was an Architect by profession. Jules, who was also an earnest entrepreneur, had originally bought the land to make some money in real estate business. The challenges faced by many aspiring entrepreneurs did not spare Jules, and the venture failed to materialize. The land was then given to the King’s minister of Finance at that time, and it was proposed that a public square be built on it touristtube.com.

Place Vendôme, which is popularly known as the square of luxury, was previously known as Place des Conquêtes or the Conquests Square then Place Louis-Le-Grand and Place des Piques or Pikes Square before it was named Place Vendome. The palace got its current name after Vendome Hotel which stood in its place was destroyed to give room for the construction of the prestigious palace.

At the centre of Place Vendome, you will find Colonne Vendome, which was built by Napoleon to commemorate Austerlitz victory. By then, the 44-meter tall column was called Colonne d’Austerlitz, and it was modeled after Trajan Column in Rome. You will not fail to notice the continuous ribbon of bronze plates made from cannons gathered from Russian and Austrian armies during the battle. A sculptor by the name Pierre-Nolasque Bergeret made the unique ribbon, which has withstood the test of time touristtube.com.
Today, Place Vendôme serves as a residential place as well as business area with retail stores including for famous jewelers and renowned dress designers. If spending your hard-earned money on the best things this world has to offer is your priority, then, Hotel Ritz or Hotel Vendome is the ideal place for you to stay. You will really enjoy the superb services, and the fine food served to you and your family. After that, you can also visit other popular Paris attractions like the Eiffel Towers, Notre Dame Cathedral, and Arc de Triomphe among others.
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