Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Invalides Paris Is A Must Visit For You And Your Kids

If you are planning a trip to Paris with your kids, Invalides is one of the most interesting Paris attractions that you should consider visiting. Invalides Paris museum preserves the French military superiority major elements, and it is the place where Napoleon was buried. The invalides was built during the French revolution and played a great major role in the military life of Napoleon. This is actually one of the Paris attractions that will satisfy the curiosity of your kids and other people curious to know more about the famous king Napoleon of French touristtube.com.

The visit to the Invalides Paris is worth your money and the audio guide that you get from the attendants in the museum is amazing. Although there are some areas in the museum that lack details about some of the items, the guides are ready to explain to the kids about the things found in the Invalides in the most simple way so that visitors can understand what the items meant to the French military during the era of Napoleon. It is no doubt that the Invalides Paris is one of the best Paris attractions and a learning platform for kids. The kids not only enjoy touching and viewing some of the unique items found in the museum of Invalides but also learn about the ancient French military.

A trip to the Invalides Paris starts inside the Dome Church that is associated to the museum by many people. You can also choose to visit the series of rectangular-long buildings that were used for centuries as a military hospital and a home for retired solders. The Dome church is a popular Paris attractions sites due to the fact that it was constructed by Louis the XIV and reflected the glory of the Sun King himself and the French military. The Dome was excavated in 1840 to create enough space to bury the ashes of Napoleon. More so, there are many sculptures on the way of the Dome Church to celebrate the military success of the Napoleon touristtube.com.

The tour to the Invalides Paris does not end in the Dome Church; you also need visit the courtyard and learn more about the participation of France in the World wars in the 20th century. Here you have the opportunity to learn about major things about the ancient French army ranging from the weapons that they used and uniforms among other military items. Invalides Paris is actually the best Paris attractions where you find all the historical elements about the World wars and the European cultures. Invalides Museum is the climax of a trip to Paris because from here you can learn about many things about the history of France you cannot find anywhere else touristtube.com.
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