Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Basic Things To Know Before Visiting Paris Eiffel Tower

Paris Eiffel Tower is one of the popular attraction sites in France and in the entire Europe. The enormous tower was constructed by Gustave Eiffel for the 1889 World Fair. The Paris Eiffel tower is about 1050 feet high and one of the tallest man-made structures in the world. La tour Eiffel is actually one of the things that you should consider doing during your trip in Paris. All that you need is to arrange for your Eiffel tower tickets to avoid delays when getting the tickets the last-minute touristtube.com.

It is believed that Paris Eiffel tower was almost destroyed in 1909, but it was later saved after proving a suitable platform for science and radiotelegraph antennas. La tour Eiffel is presently popular due to the fact that it gives visitors opportunity to view the city of Paris from one place. During you La tour Eiffel you also enjoy to view the expansive grassy arena used by activists and teens as skateboarding arena touristtube.com.

It is worth noting that Paris Eiffel tower is among the attractions that receive many visitors in France throughout the year.  The tower is over a century old and a landmark of Paris. Paris Eiffel tower   weighs about 10100 tones and the third tallest structure in France.  The most interesting thing with the Paris Eiffel tower is that you can climb up to the top of it using the stairs or the lift. However, it is worth noting that there are 1,665 steps that you need to cover before reaching to the top of the Paris Eiffel tower.

The La tour Eiffel is one of the interesting activities in Paris and lifts up and down of the tower cover about 103,000 km every year. This is actually equal to going around the earth for about two and half times. It is also worth noting that a con artist namely Victor Lustig sold the Paris Eiffel tower for scrap metal in two different occasions. The tower is also believed to shrink by about six inches during cold weather and expands by the same size during a hot weather touristtube.com.

The engineer and architect behind Paris Eiffel tower, Guastave Eiffel damaged his career when he was involved by the French government in a disastrous project to build a canal in Panama where he failed badly. La tour Eiffel is not a new thing, and the tower has received over 120 million guests since when it was opened to the public. Today the Paris Eiffel tower is actually one of the most visited and paid for monument in the world. It is also amazing that the construction of the tower took only about two years to build. Now you have the basics about the Paris Eiffel tower. Get you Eiffel tower tickets and visit the tower for amazing experiences.
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